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Hire Software Engineers

Expert software developers with experience building software products for web, mobile, desktop, AR/VR and video game consoles.

Hire Designers

Expert UI, UX, Visual, and Motion Graphics Designers. 2D & 3D Animators and game artists, Illustrators, and more.

Hire QA Specialists

Expert Software QA Managers, Analysts, Testers, Engineers etc. Whether it's automated or manual software testing, we have you covered.



We understand how important client and customer relations are. When it comes to the most important functions of a successful company, effective project management, resource planning, billing, and customer relationship management are essential. Let us help you take you business to the next level, whether it be creating or improving an existing system, enterprise software is our specialty. Our tailored approach is to build software that works for you.


Bring your products and services to the digital marketplace. Whether you’re a small business or a multi-national organization, business to business or consumer focused, we’ll help you open or improve your online store. Market your offerings to a wider audience; increase your visibility and accessibility to your clients, manage inventory, and process orders online.


Make it mobile. Take existing software or create technology for specific use on tablets and smartphones. All types of businesses are seeing the importance of having a mobile presence in order to stay competitive. Build an app and make yourself more accessible to your customers, wherever they may be.

Gaming & Animation

Looking to beef up video game development? Our team has experience working on a variety of projects across platforms from console games (Xbox and PlayStation), to PC, to Mobile (iOS, Windows, Android, Fire OS). We’ve done great work for top companies and have contributed to building some of the most popular games around.



We have a broad range of expertise and are ready to provide tailored solutions to your software needs. Whether you are looking for a qualified engineer with the requisite language expertise to supplement your current team or want us to build an entire software solution for your business needs, we got you covered. In today’s development world, the sheer variety of frameworks and programming language, allows us to give you exactly what you need, tell us what your specifications, time constraints, budget limitations, and current competencies are and we can tailor the right combination resources to achieve your goals. Here is list—by no means exhaustive—of our development competencies and examples of our work.

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Whether you are a large or small company, chances are, you need from a mobile application of your own. The most successful small business that you may interact with on a daily basis have a dedicated mobile app. This is key to an effective business strategy. It’s a means to improve your communication and connection to your customers and distinguish yourself from the competition. Growing numbers of people worldwide are accessing the Internet via their smart phones. By developing an app for your business, you unlock the ability to potentially access millions of customers. At Hyperion, we are here to ensure you get the best in mobile application development, whatever your business strategy calls for.

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Utilizing principles of engineering, psychology, and artistic creativity, make your product come to life with our capable designers. We do it all: from the more creative concept art and digital illustration to the more technical User Interface and User Experience work that makes software work beautifully and seamlessly. As evidenced by the projects we’ve worked on, our designers will deliver that perfect app. Below are our various specializations.

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Video games on smartphones or tablets are usually offered via app stores. Games can range from simple text or 2D to graphic intense games with complex controls. As millions continue to enjoy mobile games of all kinds, demand for mobile games is increases. From RPGs to strategy, users are appreciating the convenience and engagement of mobile gaming. Games can often be used to augment business strategy for a well-known movie or media company. There is also a large market when it comes to in-app purchases as well as for more expensive larger games complete with a sizeable storyline or massive multiplayer online experience. Depending on what kind of game you need designed and developed, we can help bring your concept to life.

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Project managers are the resources responsible for accomplishing the objectives of the project. They are an integral part of initiating, planning, executing, monitoring and controlling and closing. Typically a project manager will help move forward multiple projects at once—unless they are also working as a developer on the team. They exist to help facilitate smooth communication across the team and foster a collaborative environment. At Hyperion we employ an agile development methodology to meet deadlines with greater efficiency and help our team better integrate with yours. Rather than being bogged down with rigid or arbitrary procedures and tools this helps speed communication among parties. It is more results oriented and won’t be bogged down by unnecessary documentation. We also will collaborate more with our clients when working on a project so that we can make changes as we go, the scope of the work won’t be a cause of inflexibility. The overall goal is to deliver the product with minimal costs, waste, and time.

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When it comes to testing and making sure your software is working the way you need it to and with quality we have capable resources who can ensure the highest standards for a final product. A Quality Assurance Specialist will be able to check specifications of your product, its software requirements, assess risk and improve product design. They will test the product and analyze the results to come up with appropriate solutions. Not only does QA contribute to the success of a particular product but also is concerned with systems in place for quality software development overall and the procedures that can be put in place for continuous improvement of a development process. They bring the capabilities of a project manager with a focus on the technicality of a project. For those who need more of a focus on the specifics of a particular software and product, a Quality Control Specialist (could potentially be the same as the QA specialist) can test for bugs and sound processes in place for a smooth and quality product. They are hyper focused on the specific processes and checks in place during software development. They would spend more time analyzing test results to identify and eliminate defects or problems. They work to guarantee that the actually product matches the stated criteria and specifications to be met finding holes and filling them in.

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The ultimate aim of DevOps is to deliver software quickly, regularly with frequency, and reliably. It a software management process that focuses on open communication and collaboration throughout the entire process of product development. It avoids traditional pitfalls of development methods that silo engineers to specific functions instead opting for a more integrated process that allows an entire team of developers to work across the application lifecycle. Benefits of this method explicitly stated—in addition to those from Agile methodology—is greater scalability of development processes to keep up with the growth of your business and increased security through built in coding. While DevOps does employ some Agile development methodologies, it continues beyond the final product stage to consider customer feedback and long term sustainability. The two processes are complementary to each other and our company will use both to accomplish your business objects with the greatest quality.

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